Hiking Württembergischer Weinwanderweg (WWWW)

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These annotations about the Württembergischer Weinwanderweg (WWWW) hiking trail have been drawn from OpenStreetMap:

• from - to:Hößlinsülz - Lauffen - Vaihingen an der Enz - Besigheim - Großbottwar -
• on map:159 km reasonably continuous
• operator:Schwäbischer Albverein
• reference:WWWW
• symbol:Stilisierte rote Weintraube auf weißem Grund
The photos displayed above the map give an idea of the views you could encounter along this hike in Baden-Württemberg.
To visualise the Württembergischer Weinwanderweg (WWWW) hiking trail, it has been partitioned into several day hikes. Select one of these trajectories and you wil be discovering the Württembergischer Weinwanderweg (WWWW) hiking trail from behind your screen with Google Earth as if you were watching a movie. Just press: Earth Flight!

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